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About Us

After years in the construction industry, Robert Lane, Founder of Salvum, was continuously frustrated with the poor organization of construction documents and emails. He was forced to test and purchase inadequate online construction management software that did not meet his needs. The software was complicated, costly, and ineffective at performing daily construction management tasks. Rob was unable to find software that could solve his two main problems. The first problem was disorganized folders and files. The second problem was an overwhelming number of time sensitive emails containing potential bid documents and job correspondence from subcontractors.

His solution is “Salvum,” a web-based program that automatically sorts files into pre-selected folders and tracks digital conversation between contractors and the General Contractor. The business plan was simple, provide all the necessary functionality that a general contractor would need and provide free-access to his subcontractors. Now they can easily collaborate with the general contractor.

Why Choose us ?

24/7 Online Support

Do not worry about any issue occurring as we have an Online Support system to provide you the right kind of Assistance to solve all your problems and make things smooth for functioning.

Robert Lane

With 22 years of experience in construction my companies have evolved from small backyard jobs to million dollar projects. Through the good times and bad I have understood the essential needs to running a strong company.


With Level Based security system, Salvum offers you Prime Security to keep all the important documents safe. Keep your information within four levels, Level 1 being the least secure and Level 4 being the most secure and can be accessed only after entering OTP.  


Salvum provides multiple features that allows a user to manage his documents with a greater sense of security, ease and privacy.

Level Based Message System

Keep all your information secure with Salvum’s level based messaging system. Choose from four levels of security so that your sensitive information goes to the person it’s intended for.

File Routing

With Salvum’s construction Management Software set a destination folder one time for every contact bidding on a job trade. Forget about sorting through pages of e mails just to find a desired proposal.

Auto Expanding File Trees

Salvum’s auto expanding file tree’s make navigating through your jobs fast and easy.


Whether your receiving a message, job update, or a document has just been filed, Salvum will alert you in the office or on the go.

Project Management/Sharing

File sharing is a big part of today’s everyday workflow. But why limit yourself to just files? Salvum makes it possible to share an entire job within your company….or outside of it.


Storing credit card information, passwords from an online vendor, or personal website has never been more thought out. Having a level based wallet is a secure and easy way to safely retrieve your information.

Group Messaging

Create message groups for friends, coworkers, clients, patients, suppliers, subcontractors, etc. using our simple UI.

File Sharing

Share files, folders, and important documents with your contacts. As was the case with our messaging system users can also choose from four levels of security.

Streamline Bidding

No more sorting through email documents, they are sent stored to the folder you desire. Salvum will also automatically follow the related conversation.

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